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1. The function of this site?

Cudate is global cross-language dating site. Committed in different regions, different languages, different cultures to understand each other better. Here, users can register, find friends, writing messages, send gifts and so on. Of course, you can also upgrade to our Blue Diamond Member or Yellow Diamond Member, so you can use more functions.

2. How to join and register?

You can first visit (, then choose Language to sign up. Only need to enter user name, email, password, and gender to complete the registration, requiring only a few seconds.

3. The reason for registration failed?

Please follow the rules of registration:

1) Username: must be 4-20 characters, including letters, number.

2) Password : must be 6-20 characters.

3) E-mail: please enter a real and valid e-mail, so that you can retrieve your password.

4. I forgot my password. What do I do?

Just click the link "Forgot Password?" on the Home right corner and follow the simple instructions to reset it. Or you can send e-mail to the site customer service (, we can help you reset your password.

5. Why should I fill in personal information and upload photos?

Personal information help to know each other and personal photos leave people a specific impression on the net. Absolutely, you have the right to decide whether to do. The experience tell us improving personal information attract others pay more attention to you, and your photos may increase your attention rate 10 times as many as before!

Disclaimer: Photos and Pictures choose according to your preference. Not as a member of the true identity of the certification standards.

6. Join our site requires charge?

Registration is completely free, the basic functions of the general membership is free. You also can choose our paid services according to your own preferences - Blue Diamond Member or Yellow Diamond Member, just spend the equivalent to the price of a few drinks, you can order our 30 days of service, and more people worldwide become friends. Of course, you can also select the service period. Blue Diamond Member is $25 per month, Yellow Diamond Member is $80 per month. For more information: Upgrade - Member introduction.

7. What is Gold on Cudate?

We offer Gold as a virtual currency for members in order to provide better services. You can buy the Gold in the website and get the appropriate services with it. 1 Gold equivalent of $ 1. There is no time limitation, refunded and monetary values of the Gold. It is forbidden to be transfer in private.

8. How to pay or buy Gold?

We now offer PayPal (Support Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay etc.) and Credit Card (Support MasterCard and JCB) for secure payment. Operation is as follows: Login – Buy Gold. If you have not got a PayPal account, you can choose PayPal-credit card for payment. All methods of payment are absolutely safe. We have no automatic memory and repeat charges procedures. If you have any questions, please contact us (

9. If I have any payment problems?

If you have any payment issues, please contact us ( We are always happy to help you.

10. How to read messages for free? How to translate messages if I need?

If you want to read free messages without translation, you can choose "No translation". You can read a number of messages is 5. If you want to read more free messages, please upgrade to Blue Diamond Member or Yellow Diamond Member. We can offer human translation service. Translation cost 0.01 Gold /2 character.

11. How to Upgrade? Why upgrade to Blue Diamond Member or Yellow Diamond Member?

You can login - Upgrade – Select member type and time - Submit. Blue Diamond Member and Yellow Diamond Member belong to monthly subscription can enjoy more features. Blue Diamond Member can read messages free, buy gifts enjoy 5% discount. Yellow Diamond Member can read messages free, translate messages free, buy gifts enjoy 10% discount. More details please see: Upgrade - Member introduction.

12. Are there real gifts on our site? How to send real gifts?

Yes. You can click "Real gift" after login your account. In order to protect users' privacy, we offer two ways to buy real gift. If you have the recipient's address and telephone number and other information, you only need to enter this information to buy real gift. If you do not have the recipient's information, we need to contact the recipient to obtain information such as address and phone. Within a week as we can not contact the recipient, the recipient rejected, the giver to cancel the order, and we will cancel the order and refund your Gold.

1) Shipping time: After the gift purchase is successful, we will be shipped within 24 hours. If you are using an electronic check payments, you need to pay a success, then we can ship. Electronic check payment success may need 3-15 days. So we recommend that you avoid using electronic check payment.

2) Arrival time: Probably need 2-7 days. Besides, as we all know that International shipping requires more complicated shipping procedures, such as both countries customs, transit stations etc., it will probably take longer time for your gifts to arrive at the final destination. Much Appreciate for your understanding on this uncontrollable matter.

3) Cancel Order: If you want to cancel your order, please contact us within 12 hours. Our email is

13. How to remove account?

You have the right to remove your account. Please contact us with your registered e-mail. After we audit, we will cancel your account and all the registration information.

14. What is the privilege of female users?

Compared to male, female registered on the site is free to send and read messages, but female registered our site must be verify the true identity, prevent male and crook disguised as female user fraud on our website. Female users on our site need real strict authentication process. After the female user registration is complete, within 48 hours, she need to send her life photos, identification and other information to the customer service staff to check. Within the prescribed time, if she didn't send her information, her account will be frozen.

15. How do I report a false member?

We strictly control the illegal and false members. If you find one, especially those who ask you to transfer, please contact us ( and let us know the user name and the contents of the complaint. We will investigate and take measures as soon as possible. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact us, thank you for using our site!

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