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About us

About us

Cudate is a global transnational social dating site. We offer English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and other languages, provide networking platform for all users worldwide, is committed to creating a feature-rich and efficient website to solve communication barriers. Different regions, different languages through our website to better mutual understanding of different customs and culture. Here, users can register for free, find friends, write logs, casually say, comment, chat with friends, send gifts, etc., you can make friends from different countries around the world, everyone from around the world to share the blessings, enjoy the joy of life and work. Of course, you can also upgrade our Blue Diamond Member or Yellow Diamond Member, enjoy more privileges and services, the same can also use more features.

Cudate provide users with more secure protection, we will strictly audit profile, random verify the user's payment information and the true identity, to provide users with the most realistic dating service, highly vigilant network spoofing. We will strive for perfection, try to improve, for the user to create the safest intimate atmosphere for the exchange.

If you have any problems or suggestions, you can send us e-mail (, thank you for your support.

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